Spring is here!

Spring is here and time to start thinking about summer flower beds. Whether your flowers are growing in shade or full sun you need to start the same way. Bed prep. There are two ways to break up your beds. If you have a tiller use it to till the bed tiller tyne deep. If not use a shovel to break them up as best as possible. After the initial break up spread about an inch of soil conditioner or earth grow over the bed. If the bed stays wet or is in a shady location, you may want to add sand to improve drainage. Add a good slow release fertilizer such as 14-14-14 to the bed. Use your tiller or shovel to incorporate all materials into the bed. Rake the bed and you are ready to plant. We recommend spacing your plants 12-15 inches apart depending on their growth habit. ┬áRemember DON’T PLANT TOO DEEP. Leave about a quarter to a half inch above the ground. Use pine bark mini nuggets or pinestraw to mulch the beds. Water beds in and your ready to go. After the plants are growing you will want to use a good balanced fertilizer once a month to insure good colorful growth. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy your garden.

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